[mapserver-users] Label text always clipped by tiles

Mike Stoddart stodge at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 10:55:01 EST 2011

Thanks again. I don't think MapServer will work for me, but thanks for
your help.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Gregor at HostGIS <gregor at hostgis.com> wrote:
>> I was using TileCache, but I switched it off to debug this problem. If
>> TileCache generates larger tiles, will there still be clipped labels?
>> Just fewer clipped labels? I don't think this is a workable solution
>> for me, but if I have the time I'll try it.
> Correct; there would be FEWER labels clipped (if you force them and allow
> partials) or missing (if you disallow partials).
> How many fewer, depends on how large you make your meta-tiles. If they're
> 5x5, that's a significant reduction in the number of tile edges. If you
> really turn up your MAXSIZE in your mapfile, you could potentially make
> 10x10 meta-tiles; that's 1% as many tile edges.
> You could also make your tiles larger. If you have 512x512 tiles, and 10x10
> meta-tiles, that's a HUGE reduction in the number of tile edges over single
> 256x256 tiles.
> The only method I know that would eliminate ALL tile-edge artifacts, would
> be to eliminate tiling, e.g. singleTile:true in OpenLayers. Not that that's
> a great solution either, but it is sometimes the only way.
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