[mapserver-users] wfs request getfeature with polygon

Marc-André Trottier marcandre_trottier at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 18:05:46 EST 2011

! i'm doing a WFS GetFeature request with a polygon.
Usually everything is fine.
but for one table a got a enconding error with my data. (my problem) and
the mapserver's log give me this SQL :

as geom,"objectid" from msss_v_sgs_p where geom_p &&
GeomFromText('POLYGON((-1100000 -23500,-1100000 2253500,1100000
2253500,1100000 -23500,-1100000

So my question, Why is mapserver does a spatial query with the layer's
with a table of 2millions features, that,s very slow even with a spatial

marc-andre trottier
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