[mapserver-users] CITE Test WMS 1.3.0 - Test GetFeatureInfo query layers not queryable

Simon Schröder simoschr at uni-osnabrueck.de
Wed Apr 4 07:08:44 EDT 2012

Dear MapServer Users,

I'm trying to get through the online CITE compliance test with WMS 1.3.0 
on MS 6.0.2
using the CITE test dataset (R1) from here: 

I already have the WMS 1.1.1 successfully tested.

And I also figured out the extent problem with the Bridges.shp layer in 
WMS 1.3.0
and "corrected" it.

At the moment I pass 199 tests, so there is only one test missing. It's 
in the GetFeatureInfo section:

Test getfeatureinfo:query_layers-not-queryable

Assertion: When GetFeatureInfo is requested on a Layer that is not queryable, then the server issues a Service Exception (code=LayerNotQueryable).

Here is the complete test result: 

When I make the request manually, i get these feature infos (which I 
shouldn't get):

GetFeatureInfo results:

Layer 'cite:BasicPolygons'
   Feature 0:
     ID = ''

Layer 'cite:Forests'
   Feature 0:
     FID = '109'
     NAME = 'Green Forest'

Here is the complete mapfile: www.carlosx.de/ogc/wms_test.map 

At the moment I haven't got any clue where the problem is. Already
getting a little tired of testing the last days. I would appreciate it, 
if anyone can
help me with this issue. Thx a lot!

Greetings from Bremen.
Simon Schröder

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