[mapserver-users] MS4W with an external Apache

Juan Jesús Cremades Monserrat relicary at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 11:11:17 EST 2012

Hi Giovanni,

I do not use the PHP MapFish. I'm only working with OpenLayers and MapFish


The production server is that have the Apache 2.2 only. But in development
I've used MS4W. In this case, the apps folder is outside of the Apache
folder and the configuration seems so difficult.

El 19 de enero de 2012 16:59, Carlos Ruiz <boolean10001 at yahoo.com> escribió:

> Juan,
> Lo que quiero entender es que tienes un servidor de producción que tiene
> instalado MS4W y además otra versión de Apache.
> Nunca he intentado hacer lo que comentas. Supongo que tienes que igualar
> de alguna manera las configuraciones del archivo httpd.conf de la
> instalación de MS4W (módulos instalados, variables de entorno, etc), que se
> encuentra en /ms4w/Apache/conf.
> Saludos desde México
> Juan,
> I want to understand that you have a production server which has MS4W
> installed and also another Apache version.
> I've never tried to do something like that. I suppose that you have to
> match the MS4W httpd.conf configuration file (loaded modules, environment
> variables, etc) located at /ms4w/Apache/conf.
> Cheers from México
> IC Carlos Ruiz
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> Hi,
> I have a Windows XP with an apache 2.2 installation. In my job I have been
> asked whether it is possible conect a MS4W for uses this Apache instead of
> the server which comes with the MS4W package, Is it possible? Thanks
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