[MetaCRS] Trying To Commit To MetaCRS SVN

Norm Olsen norm.olsen at autodesk.com
Fri Dec 4 17:29:38 EST 2009

Hello Landon . . .

I can't help much beyond this:

Some of the osgeo stuff is case sensitive, some is not.


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I made several attempts to commit some code to the Proj4J portion of
the MetaCRS this afternoon, with no success. I thought I would ask
here for help before bugging anyone on the OSGeo discussion mailing

I know I need my OSGeo user id to commit to the MetaCRS SVN. I
realized after reading the wiki that this id is different than my user
name and password for the OSGeo wiki. (Now I have three OSGeo accounts
to track: wiki, svn, and open journal system) :]

I thought I found my user id on this page:


But using both "surveyor" and "sunburnedsurveyor" as user names when
attempting a SVN commit failed. I wonder if I still need to complete
the set-up of this ID, as this is probably the first time I have ever
tried using it. Maybe I still need to create a password linked to my
user name?

At any rate, I thought I would check here for suggestions before I
pestered someone else for assistance.


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