[MetaCRS] Motion: Include spatialreference.org project in MetaCRS

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 09:16:24 EDT 2009

I declare this motion passed with +1's from Frank, Norm, Mike and  
Hugues.  I will implement a Trac instance and create an svn directory  
at the top level of the metacrs tree.


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> All,
> I would like to motion that we include the spatialreference.org
> project in MetaCRS.  While it has been mostly Chris and I's side
> project, our last iteration garnered some additional development
> support from Josh Livni and Dane Springmeyer.  I have been maintaining
> the subversion repository for it on my own server, and Chris has been
> running the website on his hardware.
> I think spatialreference.org can be a significant part of our
> collaboration going forward, and a number of other open source gis
> projects take advantage of the website already.  I would like to
> formalize the relationship of spatialreference.org to OSGeo, give it a
> proper subversion repo / trac instance, and invite other coordinate
> system hackers to come in and help improve the site.  When some
> additional hardware becomes available at TelaScience, we would likely
> move the hosting as well.
> Howard

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