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Daniel Ames amesdani at isu.edu
Tue Feb 9 11:23:55 EST 2010

Landon, I think that's appropriate to let them know that the review is
still ongoing. However I would think that for our purposes, 2 reviews
on any paper should be enough to make a judgment. Now the hard part is
who makes the final decision. Usually an Associate Editor who is
handling the paper would make a recommendation and typically the main
editor would go with that opinion. So perhaps we need to make sure
that we have an AE for each new paper. - Dan

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 8:59 AM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)
<tmitchell at osgeo.org> wrote:
> You may need to go into his user account and check on "reviewer" at the
> bottom.  Or list all reviews and "enroll existing user" as a reviewer -
> before he'll show up as an option.  I'll give it a try right now, but
> thought you'd like to know how in case you need it.
> Tyler
> Sunburned Surveyor wrote:
>> Dimitris,
>> I added you as a section editor to the Peer Review section of the
>> journal. You should be able to log-in to OJS as a section edtior to
>> review the article.
>> I tried adding you as a reviewer for that article, but your name
>> doesn't show up when I try to assign you as a reviewer directly. I
>> will have to ask Tyler about this.
>> Let me know if you can't get access to the article.
>> Landon
>> On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 7:35 AM, Sunburned Surveyor
>> <sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Dimitris,
>>> Thank you for volunteering to help us with the peer review article in
>>> Volume 6. I'll see if I can figure out how to add you as a reviewer to
>>> that section. In the meantime, I may just e-mail you a copy of the
>>> article text.
>>> I'll let you coordinate the review with Rafal, who has been doing a
>>> great job taking care of this section.
>>> When the review is complete, let me know. I'll get the comments from
>>> the three reviews packaged up and sent to the author.
>>> Rafal or Daniel: Can we sent a short e-mail to the author of the
>>> article letting him/her know our review is still in progress?
>>> Thanks for the help.
>>> Landon
>>> On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 2:21 AM, Dimitris Kotzinos <kotzino at csd.uoc.gr> wrote:
>>>> Hi Rafal,
>>>> good morning to you, too! :)
>>>> I know more or less the process, so I think I will manage - for the blind
>>>> reviews I was merely referring to the fact that we can be more flexible of
>>>> course without compromising in any sense the reviewing process.
>>>> As for the "open access" vs. traditional publishing I think that it is a
>>>> matter of time. If a journal can guarantee the quality and will be indexed
>>>> will eventually gain the necessary momentum. On the other hand, I think that
>>>> it is understandable that this is a constant stream of revenue for the
>>>> publishers and they are not very keen of loosing it.
>>>> The "messiness" of the online open access journals is another issue. I think
>>>> if online open access journals want to be taken seriously they should adopt
>>>> some of the well established processes in publishing, including formatting
>>>> but also having steady publication cycles, a not always changing scientific
>>>> board and Editor-in-chief, call for papers to be published well in advance,
>>>> etc.
>>>> Of course, one issue of concern (especially in the academic world) id how
>>>> many journals can this world handle/use/accept and where are we going with
>>>> all the efforts, regardless of being open access or not ... But, this is
>>>> another long painful discussion ...
>>>> Best,
>>>> Dimitris
>>>> Rafal Wawer wrote:
>>>>> Kalimera Dimitris,
>>>>> Welcome on board! (-:
>>>>> For the secton editor working on OJS assuring double-blind review is not
>>>>> that difficult. You just remove authors' names in the text sent to
>>>>> reviewers. OJS cares for the rest, as every decision must go through the
>>>>> section editor and there is no direct connection between author and
>>>>> reviewer. You have to remember to check reviewers' comments thought, whether
>>>>> they are accidentaly signed. (-;
>>>>> IMO assuring double-blind review is a must at least in the peer review
>>>>> section. Recently I had an interesting conversation with one of professors
>>>>> about OpenAccess journals. Good publications tend to go to indexed journals
>>>>> although OpenAccess seem to promiss wider dissmination and citations...
>>>>> "Open journals do not have calculated IF" and IMO not applying good
>>>>> editorial practise won't help in taking them seriously. (-;
>>>>> Everyone says that OpenAcces is future, everyone complains about the
>>>>> commercial titles - "robbing authors from coyrights and money". As author
>>>>> you pay for the paper to be published, you loose the rights to it and
>>>>> everyone has to pay to read it. On the other hand from scientific point fo
>>>>> view, OpenAcces is still not taken seriously enough, so the scientists
>>>>> (especially those mature ones) complain but don't do much to change the
>>>>> status quo. They also complain, that open journals are often quite messy -
>>>>> "gorilla journals" (-; as basing upon volountary work is often a sunstantial
>>>>> challange - I think we know it to be true (-;
>>>>> For me is is a pitty, that through "traditional" scientific publication
>>>>> system, the access to knowledge, especially in the environmental domain, is
>>>>> closed or limited for the developing countries.
>>>>> Best regards:
>>>>> Raf
>>>>> Dr. Rafal Wawer
>>>>> K.U.Leuven
>>>>> R&D Division SADL (Spatial Application Division)
>>>>> Celestijnenlaan 200e bus 2224
>>>>> BE-3001 Leuven-Heverlee
>>>>> Belgium
>>>>> tel. 0032 16 329731
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>>>>> Landon,
>>>>> I can do the Peer Review Section.
>>>>> I will just need to know what is there and for you to add me as a section
>>>>> editor.
>>>>> As for the blind review it usually goes both ways: the reviewer does not
>>>>> know the authors' names and the authors never learn who the reviewers were.
>>>>> But if we are talking for an article or two there is no need for the
>>>>> section editors to make things amazingly complicated - we can trust them
>>>>> that they will find the proper reviewers if they cannot or do not want to
>>>>> review them by themselves. Moreover we are not a peer reviewed journal so we
>>>>> do not need to be extremely strict, as long as we keep the good practices
>>>>> and defend the name of the journal.
>>>>> Dimitris
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