[Journal] Questions on LaTex paragraph command, format for citations, and SVN naming convention.

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Feb 23 09:20:55 EST 2010

I've done quite a bit of LaTeX conversion on the "Usability Trumps
Features" article now, so I think I'll just add some notes to this
thread before I start really crossing i's and dotting t's...

Here's how I went (from memory).

 * create top-level master.tex file:


This way the .tex for delivery will hopefully be ready to include into
a document. Emacs has a smart master file system so that when I am
editing 163-291-1-LE.tex it knows to run LaTeX on master.tex.

* Convert images to PDF with "convert foo.tif foo.pdf"

* Save .doc from OpenOffice as text - rename as .tex, load into emacs

* Add paragraph breaks and reformat long lines

* Replace all smart quotes with back-tick and apostrophe

* Replace & with \&

* Replace - with -- where needed. Note .docs often contain - chars
which arent ascii - chars. These can end up invisible in LaTeX.

* Add \section and \subsection headings

* Reformat table text. Add captions and labels, reference the labels
in the text.

* Add \begin{figure} blocks for figures (I still need some of the
figure graphics!). Add captions and labels, reference the labels in
the text.

* Wrap lists in itemize or enumerate blocks

* set abstract in \begin{abstract} block

* move Acknowledgements section to just before References [is that right?]

TODO (and advice needed)

 * References - always fiddly to do manually and I don't want to
fiddle lots and then find the citation format is numbers in square
brackets instead of (author, year) or whatever. BiBTeX does all this
but we'd need a standard for BiBTeX over the journal and a way for
individual authors and LaTeX converters to hook in.

 * title and author boilerplate. I have two authors from different
places and one is a corresponding author with a full address. How do I
format all this?

 *  I still need the remaining figures!

 * I should probably SVN commit this - but where exactly?


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