[OpenLayers-Dev] Hackfest Week

Lance Dyas lancelot at inetnebr.com
Sat Mar 10 12:49:59 EST 2007

Sounds like loads was accomplished... GML layers kick by the way very cool.

I have been getting a few minor things working with open layers this 
week didnt spend the time you guys did... but some things I had started 
to work

I have a GeoSearch that uses geonames.org to find a location (useful for 
maps in geographic projection) .. not quite ready for prime time.... 
(need to figure out a way other than an external function used in the 
JSON call back.)

Changed the basic distance measure tool so that it is a little more unit 
distances in projections other than geographic can be done linearly and 
are usually in meters
(though feet do occur they are odd man out.)

Changed my formatted Degrees in Mouse Position to report N S E and W 
instead of negative and positive numbers.

Got my HTA version so that it is fully HTA including the custom icon and 
similar capabilities.(Though I havent built a nice icon for it yet)

Put together a script using ESC which composites the OpenLayers 
javascript... This is basically a way of building in a windows environment.

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> Interesting statistic, from CIA:
>  "344 messages so far this week"
>    -- http://cia.navi.cx/stats/project/OpenLayers
> Achievements:
>  * Full integration of vector geometry classes.
>  * Integration of Vector features
>  * Refactoring of GML parser/serializer: OpenLayers now has a 
>    relatively complete Javascript-only cross browser GML parser. (How's
>    that for a mouthful?)
>  * Subclassing of GML serializer to support WFS-T
>  * Modification of WFS Layer to use vector features instead of markers. 
>    (This is the only case I can think of where existing functionality/
>     behavior should change: WFS will now render vector points -- and any
>     other feature type needed -- instead of markers).
>  * Reworking of mouse tools  to support encapsulation of browser events
>    into generic 'handlers' like 'drawbox', making creating a box
>    drawing control which performs some other event almost trivial. This
>    basically moves lots of browser event complexity down a level, and
>    out of hte way of the control developer.
>  * Creation of an extensible 'generic toolbar', styled entirely via CSS.
> Discussions (I'll send seperate emails on these):
>  * Logging/debugging framework, how it would work and how it would help.
>  * CSS styling: how to make it possible for users to use the standard
>    'cascading' behavior of CSS to change the look and feel of their
>    applications. Right now, it's not possible to use in-page stylesheets
>    to control your application. However, using some smart checking, we
>    can better support this way of doing things. 
>    Part of this discussion is what lead to the current toolbar design
>    which is controlled entirely via CSS.
> Tim and Erik flew back out tonight, but it was great to have the time
> with them to hack this stuff out. OpenLayers has gained a bunch of
> really nice code as a result, and I'm looking forward to getting it into
> the next release.
> I'm still a bit spaced after having done our 12 hour hackathon or
> whatever it was last night, so I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I
> want to thank (again):
>  * MetaCarta for hosting us this week, and for flying Tim and Erik into
>    town to hack on OpenLayers with us
>  * Tim for his <s>moose herding ways</s> participation in the project,
>    both from good ole Montana and this week in Cambridge
>  * Erik for his dedication to code cleanup and testing. OpenLayers 
>    is only the quality of project it is because of Erik's hard work
>    and dedication to internal code documentation and testing.
>  * Schuyler for his insight into social project issues, as well as the
>    excellent work he developed throughout the code, especially in the
>    handlers and controls -- as well as a great dinner on Tuesday night
>    :)
>  * John Frank for his dedication to the OpenLayers project and his
>    contribution of all of our time this week on the project, as well as
>    keeping us fed ;)
>  * My fiancee for not killing me when I stayed up until 7am hacking
>    at our dining room table, or not reallly sleeping this week ;)
> And most especially:
>  * Camptocamp, Cameron Shorter, Paul Spencer, Oliver Terrall, and anyone
>    else that I"m sure I'm missing who helped to participate in and build
>    the original vector branch and toolbar code. Only by stadning on top
>    of this work were we able to achieve what we did this week.
> Regards,

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