[OpenLayers-Dev] Motion: Add Andreas Hocevar to trunk committers list

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Tue Jan 8 15:12:36 EST 2008


Andreas Hocevar has been developing improvements to the OpenLayers code
base for the last several months. Recently, his significant changes to
the style and rendering code made it into trunk, and are now being
used by several users of the API.

Andreas has been a long-term participant in the MapBuilder project, and
demonstrated a great level of skill in solving many of the problems
related to his OpenLayers development with hardly any need for feedback,
typically in a way that is (at least to me) quite amazing.

Andreas has demonstrated his willingness to support his changes, and is
(after Pierre) the most common non-trunk sandbox committer.

Motion: Add Andreas Hocevar as trunk committer

I'm +1.

Christopher Schmidt

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