[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers.loadURL( ) : params - Params on get (doesnt seem to work)

Jc Albert jcalbert802 at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 6 09:34:41 EST 2008


When calling this function the 'params' parameter doesn't work.
I think I've found why  :

When you call OpenLayers.loadURL(url, param,... ) and you give string like 
param = "toto=blabla&titi=haha";

The following function (Ajax.js, line 257) :
this.options.parameters = OpenLayers.Util.getParameters(this.options.parameters);
return null.

OpenLayers.Util.getParameters() seems to need a full url like "page.php?toto=blabla&titi=haha" to work.
if you only give the params, it return null. So parameters are lost.


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