[OpenLayers-Dev] UI Framework for OpenLayers

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Wed Mar 12 23:38:33 EDT 2008


mpriour wrote:
> I have seen some inconsistent information in the mailing lists and blog posts
> and I wanted to get the correct answer.
> Is there a plan to include a UI framework into the OL library that would
> make mapfish / mapbuilder style widgets part of OL?

No.  OpenLayers excels as a mapping library.  We provide a few basic 
controls with UI components that help in building simple web 
applications that use maps - but I don't think anybody would say that we 
want to become a one-stop shop (a single library for all frontend web 
application development).

Ideally, I think OpenLayers would be integrated into a handful of other 
libraries and easy to incorporate into many others.

I would even be happy if OpenLayers were broken into smaller packages - 
though I don't think there is real demand for that now.

> --Or--
> Is the plan to get rid of any direct links with any UI Framework in the OL
> library?

Are there links with any UI Frameworks in the OL library currently?  If 
you're thinking of the Rico code, I would be happy to dispose of that - 
assume that others (might) agree.


> Thanks for any information
> Matt Priour
> Kestrel Computer Consulting

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