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the Google Maps Terms of Use do not allow direct tile access.
OpenLayers uses the GMaps API to draw a map, and wraps this map in


On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 11:59 AM, Mohammed Rashad
<mohammedrashadkm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> How OpenLayers does google map rendering. I know this is a board question so
> i will eloborate
> I am using OpenLayers for all my webGIS projects as the renderer/viewer.
> What ever i do with my data. I display the results using OpenLayers.
> Recently I need to display shapefiles and apply styling to it. I have a set
> of existing tools for it
> 1.OpenLayers
> can display shapefiles on browser using OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(....)
> 2. Mapserver
> I need to create a mapfile and configure it to use some shapefiles.
> Both the cases didnt worked for me because I need it to configure
> mapfile/WMS when the user add a new data and I dont have any control over
> its projection and other informations
> The users will be uploading their shapefiles (I am reading shapefiles using
> GDAL/OGR over web so its not a big deal to render any OGR supported vector
> data ) and they can view
> it directly on browser. He/She can apply different map styling dynamically.
> Basic viewing features such as zoom/pan are supported.He can also export the
> map view to a file and download it for free. The whole application called
> LSI Viewer will be released under OpenSource soon..
> To get a better feel try this
> lsi.iiit.ac.in/lsi/lsiviewer
> http://vihang-lvs.garudaindia.in/ (same app on CDAC cloud)
> I said about lsiviewer so that you can understand my needs clearly. Now you
> will be clear why I cant rely on OpenLayers I can also render WMS maps in
> LSIViewer. Now I want to show google, OSM, Bing Maps in the viewer. Here I
> need help from OpenLayers developers.
> How google maps are rendered in OpenLayers using Google API?
> Using FireBug I found that some image is retrieved from google by the API
> http://khm0.googleapis.com/kh?v=107&hl=en-US&x=368&y=231&z=9&token=64080&style=api%7Csmartmaps
> when I read this URL I get an 256x256 image. How to form such kind of url if
> we have only google api ?
> I guess OpenLayers also get individual tiles from google maps server and
> render it on map canvas. Is this correct?
> If yes, How to get those individual tiles?
> Any help is very much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> --
> Regards,
>    Rashad
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