[OpenLayers-Dev] WMS Gutters Shift Tiles -- Possible OL2.12 RC2 Bug

Greg Corradini gregcorradini at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 12:25:29 EDT 2012

I wasn't sure if i should file a 2.12 tagged bug on github for this quite
yet -- the devs might already be aware of this issue. I'm using 2.12 RC2
specifically for the IDL drawing.

In 2.12 RC2 adding gutters to WMS overlays shifts my tiles. This seems to
happen with all possible combinations of the baseLayer and WMS overlay
wrapDateLine settings -- meaning it happens when baseLayer wrapDateLine =
false and wmsOverlayLayer wrapDateLine = true etc. There doesn't seem to be
a threshold where gutter size starts doing this, rather, every gutter pixel
increment seems to cause shift in WMS tile overlays. In 2.11 release this
worked fine even when gutters were ridiculously huge > 200 pixels.

Here are some pictures of a WMS layer on a Google baseLayer layer where
both layers have wrapDateLine = true. Each picture shows a different gutter
pixel size:

# no gutter

# 20px gutter

# 50px gutter

# 100px gutter

Are OL devs aware of this? Is there a immediate workaround? Should I file
this on github with 2.12 tag and if so with what relevant information?

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