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#3194: Problem with double click to finish a drawing using IE6 (and IE8 without
 Reporter:  jorix         |       Owner:  tschaub               
     Type:  bug           |      Status:  new                   
 Priority:  major         |   Milestone:  2.11 Release          
Component:  Handler.Path  |     Version:  SVN                   
 Keywords:                |       State:  Awaiting User Feedback

Comment(by erilem):

 Hi Xavier.

 First of all, I don't understand what you mean by "with further
 improvement: pan while drawing" above. Do you mean the problem is more
 easily reproducible in trunk than in 2.10 because of the "pan draw" patch?

 Now some information:

 I could effectively reproduce the issue in IE8 using the measure.html
 example. I'm also observing that the size of the map div changes while
 drawing! I'd tend to think the "double-click to finalize drawing" issue is
 related to that.

 And actually, you don't have to activate drawing to see the map div
 changing in size: select "navigate", and do sequences like this: "pan the
 map, leave the map div, re-enter the map div, ...". You should see the map
 shrinking and enlarging.

 By adding {{{<!DOCTYPE>}}} to the page the problems effectively go away.

 The map changing in size on sequences like "leaving the map div, entering
 the map div, panning, ..." can also be observed on other examples,
 {{{draw-feature.html}}} for example.

 At this point I don't know whether this is a regression.

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