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#3538: Box selection events
 Reporter:  mosesonline            |       Owner:  tschaub        
     Type:  feature                |      Status:  new            
 Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:  2.12 Release   
Component:  Control.SelectFeature  |     Version:  2.11           
 Keywords:  events                 |       State:  Needs More Work

Comment(by mosesonline):

 My intention in this patch is to see when box selection starts to do some
 work i.e. deactivate some controls which listens to selection of features
 during the box selection because selection of many features generates too
 many onSelect calls and gui lags.[[BR]]
 In this case it isn't interesting which features are selected, I check it
 afterwards if necessary. If it's interesting I compare the features
 selected when the boxselectionstart fires and the features selected at the
 boxselectionend event. It would be possible to collect the selected
 features and attach them to the boxselectionend event with a little
 To your question about the bug. There are no events thrown when the
 features are already selected.[[BR]]
 Anyway, in the new patch I added some tests and documentation. I also
 added documentation of the *beforefeatureselected* and *featureselected*
 Sorry that it took so long.

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