[OpenLayers-Users] Problems setting up TileCache

Ben Brehmer bbrehmer at refractions.net
Tue Nov 21 18:10:17 EST 2006

Hello Everyone,

I have setup a very basic Open Layers application and am now in the 
process of setting up TileCache. I have proded and poked my 
tilecache.cfg file extensively and still can't get past an error which 
has to do with with the "type" attribute for the [cache] section.
Basically when tilecache.cgi is invoked it never gets past parsing the 
.cfg file and errors out at the "type=DiskCache" line, saying that the 
string requires a character as left operand.

Is there some other configuration issues I should know about when 
setting up TileCache?

Error and cfg file details:

tilecache.cfg file:

type=DiskCache                                        <-----------Error

The error I pull out of my error log:

'in <string>' requires character as left operand



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