[OpenLayers-Users] WMS Spherical Mercator layer displays as base layer but not as toggle layer

mcarsel carsella11 at msn.com
Thu Sep 20 13:29:07 EDT 2007

I have a WMS layer on my MGOS server in spherical mercator coordinates.  It
displays in OpenLayers as a base layer perfectly.  However, if I set
isBaseLayer:false, it doesn't display and I get pink tiles.

spLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS.Untiled( "SP Merc", 
              { service:'wms', transparent:true, layers:'co_spmerc',
format:'image/png', width:'512', 
              {singleTile:false, buffer:0, isBaseLayer:true, maxZoomLevel:19

Trying to overlay WMS layer on Google.  Anyone know how to solve this one?

I'm using OpenLayers 2.5RC1

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