[OpenLayers-Users] 2.6 problem with vectors in IE

bradleyspencer brad at cubewerx.com.au
Tue Apr 8 03:59:47 EDT 2008


I have been using 2.6 because of a new feature I wanted. However, I have
found that in IE when creating vectors (i.e. drawing of the edges of a
mouse-Shift selection box in my case) they are always drawn in the top left
corner of the map Div. The vectors look correct just located in wrong place.
And when you zoom out it stays in the left corner i.e. moves to the left top
corner. Aspect ratio and dimensions of box are correct and the coordinates
used were fine for centering and zooming over the collection. Just the box
(or vectors) are in the wrong place. Works OK when I go back to 2.5 and
works OK in FF.

Just thought you might like to know as this took me awhile to twig what was


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