[OpenLayers-Users] how to deactivate editingtoolbar after featureadded

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 11:28:47 EST 2009

Hello list,
I'm using the editingtoolbar control panel. I need to disable it after
any feature has been added (point, line or polygon), and reactivate it
if the feature gets deleted.
I've seen that calling:

function locAdded(feature){

deactivate the controls unitl the user click on the panel again...
this is not what I need. In fact the panel control has an onClick
handler that activate the control on which the onClick event has
happened (line 212 in Panel.js).
I've tried deactivating directly the panel, but the panel gets deleted.

I need the panel to remain visible but "unclickable", until the unique
feature has been deleted from the layer.

I've tried to overload the onClick panel's method, but I couldn't get
it to work...
Thanks for any hint.


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