[OpenLayers-Users] Schaub Buffer external library

Joseph Miller jamiller at usgs.gov
Fri Jun 19 11:55:56 EDT 2009

In February of 2008 Tim Schaub sent an email about a patch in his sandbox 
that used a minkowski sum (I think) to create a client-side buffer.  The 
end results typically had self-intersections.  He mentioned that an 
upgraded version(as an external library) might be on the way that included 
polygon simplification to remove the self-intersection.  Does anyone if 
this was ever released?  If not, does anyone have any suggestions for an 
algorithm that could remove self-intersection?  I don't think convex hulls 
would work because I think the resulting buffer would lose all detail. 
Sorting the vertices clockwise using atan2 didn't work either.

Joe Miller
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