[OpenLayers-Users] Poll: Common pitfalls when using OpenLayers / what annoys you the most?

Marc Jansen jansen at terrestris.de
Fri Aug 5 05:49:09 EDT 2011

Hi Janis,

thanks for the feedback. I'd put your points under the following headlines:

"Slow vector rendering expecially in IE",
"Make standard use-cases super-easy (e.g. popups)",
"Cleanup examples to keep them in sync with the API"


Best regards,

On 05.08.2011 10:37, Janis Elmeris wrote:
> A couple of problems I can think of right now.
> * The slowness of vector layer in IE without Canvas support (up to
> IE8, I guess?).
>         Zac mentioned performance warnings when adding more than 1000
> objects. I get problems with IE7 when adding more than 100 objects. In
> my case they are text labels each constructed of two VML elements.
> They could theoretically be replaced by DIV elements, but probably
> better just wait for people to upgrade their browsers. A workaround is
> to measure and control the performance by OL library user script.
> * The clumsy (not strightforward) way to get a marker (not necessarily
> meaning the Marker class here) on a map that display an info pop-up
> upon a mouse click.
>         I've seen many posts where people are asking help on this,
> even though it would seem one of the basic features one would want to
> do with a map. In addition, it seems that there are several ways to do
> it, some official examples offered are out-dated and actually supposed
> to be deprecated (the Markers layers altogether, as I understand), and
> some functions supposedly (as per documentation) creating pop-ups do
> not work or do not work as it would seem they should.
> Janis
> On 2011.08.05. 10:26, Marc Jansen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> for my talk "Common pitfalls for users of OpenLayers" [1] at this years
>> FOSS4G [2] I want to evaluate the parts of OpenLayers where users of the
>> library experience problems.
>> You would help me -- and the project itself -- a lot if you could answer
>> in this thread and tell me what problems you had working with OpenLayers.
>> Please do not hesitate to tell us what has bugged you, what was unclear
>> or non-intuitive. Provide us with the sall and the big annoyances Of
>> course you are heavily encouraged to provide ways around the pitfalls
>> and possible enhancements.
>> I want to identify areas which often cause problems... and eventually I
>> plan on making the library better where this is possible. 
>> Anyone is invited to share his/her thoughts -- so if you want the
>> library to improve, go on and tell us where we can make things better.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Marc
>> [1] http://2011.foss4g.org/sessions/common-pitfalls-users-openlayers
>> [2] http://2011.foss4g.org/
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