[OpenLayers-Users] Offline usage of openlayers

Tue Topholm tt at sugee.dk
Thu Mar 10 18:42:23 EST 2011

Hi All

I have a client that needs to have a map solution running offline, and no
internal webserver. run it as file based.

 What would be the best solution:

1. Use tilecache to seed the tiles and use tilecache layer in openlayers.
2. Use a osm file, taken from planet.osm and use that...
3. is it possible to use one of the above solutions when running without a
server, just file based...
4. is there another solution that is smarter.


Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Tue Topholm
Tlf: +45 32 13 32 32
W: http://www.sugee.dk
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