[OpenLayers-Users] How do I hide/show markers dynamically based on search?

Asle Benoni asle.benoni at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 09:04:34 EST 2012

I am using OpenLayers, MapFish and GeoServer. I have set up different views
in PostgreSQL to show subsets of my markers. I also have an ajax box
(ext.js) in my site for searching. I get a list and click the location and
the map zooms to the marker.

Now I want to know if it is possible to do a search and only show the
markers that respond to the search. I am showing a layer of markers with
birds and i.ex. I type "lark" I want all the markers to hide except the
ones including "lark". Is this possible or am I thinking wild? As I
understand when I make a view in PostgreSQL that is a layer of markers and
I wonder if it is only possible to show or hide that layer of markers? Or
can I show or hide only some of the markers on that layer?

I would be glad for any light on this!

/asle benoni
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