[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Map Asia 2010

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan @ media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
2010年 5月 13日 (木) 20:56:37 EDT

Hi Jeff,

Haven't heard from anyone at China or Vietnam
Chapter about plans to attend Map Asia 2010.
I have no plans of attending either.



On 2010/05/14 8:50, Toru Mori(森亮) wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> OSGeo.JP does not have any plans for involving in it.
> I don't know any of OSGeo.JP folks will attend so far, not me at least.
> I will ask the China chapter about it.
> All the best,
> Toru Mori
> On 2010/05/14, at 3:23, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> Hello osgeo-jp!
>> At an OSGeo board meeting today the topic of the Map Asia 2010 event came up; are there any plans for OSGeo to be involved in it?  I am wondering if OSGeo-JP has any plans to be involved.
>> I will also ask this same question on the OSGeo-Vietnam email list.
>> Could someone ask the OSGeo-China chapter also?
>> Thanks everyone. :)
>> -jeff

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