[postgis-devel] ready for RC4 ?

Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 02:58:44 PST 2005


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> Subject: [postgis-devel] ready for RC4 ?
> Does anyone have open issues against current CVS ?
> Changes since RC3 are:
>         - early return from force_collection
>         - segfault fix in geom_accum()
>         - consistency check fix in SnapToGrid()
>         - jdbc2: code cleanups, Makefile improvements
>         - FLEX & YACC variables set *after* pgsql Makefile.global
>           is included and only if the pgsql *stripped* version
>           evaulates to the empty string
>         - added already generated parser in release
>         - build scripts refinements
>         - MultiLine handling BUG fix in loader and dumper
>         - improved version handling, central Version.config
>         - added distance_sphere function
>         - subselects support in selectivity estimator
>         - bug fixes for 64bit architectures
> If no one here has open issues I'd release RC4 tomorrow nite 
> (CET), then final if we get to survive a week of no-bugs. Comments ?

Hi strk,

The only open issue can see is the memory problem reported by Bryce; other
than that I reckon we're good to go for RC4. Again, from what I've seen I
think it would be worth waiting 2 weeks from RC4 to final release, mainly
because from the list it seems to take at least a week for people to upgrade
and starting testing on RCs. An iminent RC4 release with a view to final
release around Easter weekend (25th March) seems like a good compromise....

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