[postgis-devel] area between selected points

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
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This is the wrong news group to ask this question.  You should use
Postgis Users instead
Anyrate to answer your question
SELECT the_geom, name, latlon, ST_Area(the_geom)
FROM sometable
WHERE name LIKE 'ABC%'   
should do it.
Hope that helps,


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I have a postgres table which I want to represent in map...the
attributes being ( the_geom, name, latlon etc..) I want to calculate the
area of all the points (using the_geom) having name LIKE ' ABC' ...[A
single tuple having the_geom , area and name field is required ) so that
I can represent it using a polygon in map.

How to do that.......


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