[postgis-devel] Issue 35 in postgis: Comments on Postgis Functions

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Sun Jul 6 01:57:07 PDT 2008

You must have been reading my mind when you selectively picked this one and the proj one to not comment about.
Regarding this I have been looking at Dane's submission and as Paul mentioned, off list, its not good to add any more dependencies than we need to.  This would require adding Python and Python's pgsql library to use his source.
My main gripe with it is that it requires a postgis_template db to be loaded to build the comments.  It seems the main reason for that is to look up the arg signature in the procname which would seem to be unnecessary if our argument list in the documents could be mapped to the postgresql function signature.
In many cases they do or almost do.  But we have cases like
ST_MakePolygon(linestring, [linestring[]])
which if we changed to
ST_MakePolygon(linestring geometry, linestrings geometry[])
would work.
the only issue I can think of are these functions with multi-signatures
ST_AddPoint(linestring, point, [<position>])
I personally would prefer see it listed twice as
ST_AddPoint(linestring geometry, point geometry)
ST_AddPoint(linestring geometry, point geometry, position integer)
since I'm not convinced non-programmers don't find that nomenclature confusing.
then I'm thinking we can generate the postgis_comments.sql.in from a simple
postgis_comments.xsl  file that parses the postgis.xml thus not needing another dependency.
Although I could very well be trivializing the simplicity of this.
Does anyone have issues with me changing the doc accordingly.  


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Issue 35: Comments on Postgis Functions

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