[postgis-devel] Docbook ID's and <a name> links

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Tue Jul 15 11:20:24 PDT 2008

>Do you mean separating the ST_MakeLine prototypes you just merged
>together or having a second TOC set linking to the same function pages?

>I believe DocBook does allow us to *manually* create an additional TOC
>section that's not automatically generated so we can group methods
>together as we see fit, (like aggregates, geometry returning, boolean
>returning, etc).  Of course, this will again duplicate the function
>names on the main TOC page and will require a higher degree of manual
I mean a second TOC listing. I like them being together but since they are such an important
SQL concept, I think they deserve redundancy in the TOC.
Well I was hoping that there would be some automagic way to pull out any entry with
Geometry set (or should it be geometry set)
Hmm - also are we going with upper on Geometry or geometry.  I just realized we have both variants  because the template.xml has upper case, but we've always used lower case.
If there is no automagic way - its not that big a deal since we don't add aggregate functions that often.  We can fill that in afterward.

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