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FWIW:  This is exactly why I didn't want you doing this
Before you had a hardcore upgrade plan in place.
The reason being -- from a dev perspective, Nicklas can test the functions
side by side against an old install, which is great :)
>From a user perspective -- all their old functions will be pointing at a 1.4
or 1.3 (unless they uninstall these) -- I think we all agree this is bad.
Also some of your changes require a dump reload to do it right given our
current install (but you wouldn't know since you'd just be pointing at
I also don't understand the rush since lots of things will be ripped in
PostGIS 2.0 anyway.


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Great Paul
>From my level of experience I think I could have expected worse :-)
I hopefylly get some time this evening to give it a try.
About the testing-ability:
What I have done to test it aginst large datasets is to do something like:

select a.gid, b.gid from table1 a, table2 b
 where abs(st_distance(a.the_geom, b.the_geom)-new_distance(a.the_geom,

with st_distance defined pointing to the 1.4 released library and
new_distance pointing to "my" library.
The pro with this is that we then test even my brute force part aginst 1.4
since that is also a little rewritten.
or should I try that binding?
If the above is returning any rows, st_shortestline is very convenient to
see what the new function is doing wrong. 

2009-11-10 Paul Ramsey wrote:

Hi Niklas, I'm just reading through the code, and I'm going to note
>things into this e-mail as I go along:
>- Try and keep private structures out of the liblwgeom.h file. So far
>I see BBOXDIST, W_BBOX, LISTSTRUCT which are entirely confined to
>measures.c. Put them into ./liblwgeom/measures.h for now (we'll have a
>go at rationalizing public and private prototypes more attractively in
>the PostGIS 2.0 round).
>- Follow the code formatting guidelines in ./STYLE please (you can
>retroactively apply them with astyle though)
>- I see no test cases in cu_measures.c for your functions, we're
>trying to get as much testing as possible in the library level unit
>tests as we go along, so for new functions in particular we should aim
>to get coverage
>- This construction is a little odd:
> DISTPTS thedl;
> DISTPTS *dl = &thedl;
> lw_dist2d_comp( lw1,lw2,dl);
> Generally people just write it this way, without the extra variable,
>it has the same effect:
> lw_dist2d_comp( lw1,lw2, &thedl);
> - You've declared move of your working functions with a void return
>(since the return values are actually in the *DISTPTS). I'm not sure
>if you have failure cases checked deeper in your functions yet, but
>one way to propagate up error cases without things like null-pointer
>checks is to return LW_TRUE or LW_FALSE from the functions so that
>higher level error handling code can do the "right thing" with them.
>- Unfortunately, you've followed the coding style of the original
>functions, which is working more-or-less directly with serialized
>*uchar. So, for convenience, you've defined things like W_BBOX to have
>easier access to the bounds without having to re-pull them from the
>structure each time. If you de-serilized to LWGEOM early on and worked
>with LWGEOM, things might be less ugly.
>- *Also*, in PostGIS 2.0 I am going to be getting rid of all these
>*uchar valued calculation functions and replacing them with code that
>works on the LWGEOM structures. So you can future-proof your code by
>setting it up that way from the start...
>- For your domain-specific structs, prefixing them so they are all
>commonly named would be nice: DIST2D_RESULTS, DIST2D_LIST, etc.
>- In DISTPTS, you have a member, 'thedir' which should really be named
>'mode' and valued with a macro or enumeration (DIST2D_MAX, DIST2D_MIN)
>rather than magic numbers.
>- In DISTPTS, you have a member 'd' which should be 'dist' or 'distance'.
>- I'm not enamoured of the down-the-rabbit-hole style in which
>functions seem to delegate to function2 variants here and there for no
>clear reason. Document what happens in each section of your function,
>great new function points for code that is called repeatedly or in
>different contexts.
>- Mind you, the existing style in measures.c is really ugly to start
>with, so c'est la vie.
>* - I would really like to see two SQL bindings, an ST_Distance() that
>calls through your proposed stack and an ST_Distance_Old() that calls
>directly into the brute force functions. That way during the testing
>phase we can compare the methods for accuracy on *lots* of different
>data easily. We can remove those SQL bindings before release time.
>- Things might fall apart if you are fed EMPTY geometries. I see some
>places where npoints is not checked for > 0 on point arrays (or, that
>pointarrays aren't checked for non-null on deserialization).
>The most important thing to me is (*) above: enabling the ability to
>test correctness on a large range of data during the 1.5 pre-release
>Hopefully Mark can take a quick look at the code this week, but since
>it's going to be re-written in 2.0 to some extent anyways, the
>stylistic stuff is less important to me than it might otherwise be.
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