[postgis-devel] short question

Nicklas Avén nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no
Sat Nov 21 14:04:18 PST 2009

is type 0 for LWGEOM occupied by anything or could it be an idea to use it for empty geometries. 
Then it would be easy to create any emtpy geometry. Like a generic empty geometry.
Or is there another way that I have missed.
When I have identified the empty geometries, in shortestline and it buddies I need to communicate that an empty geometry should be returned and the datatype is LWLINE and LWPOINT for st_closestpoint. I'm tempted to just make an LWGEOM with type 0. Is it a bad idea. 
#define EMPTY 0
#define POINTTYPE 1
#define LINETYPE 2
and so on
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