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#343: History Table Enhancements
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Comment(by robe):

 Just to add to this.  Sorry for my slip of terms.  I think when people
 think of spatial versioning they think more along the lines of ESRI ArcSDE
 versioning and about this QGIS plugin:

 Which is great but overkill for many use cases.  What George has is like
 he says more of keeping a history that doesn't require change to the
 application front-end or table structure (though it does introduce side
 line rules).

 Then there is GeoServer's implementation of versioning which again looks
 like its a full blown versioning system though I haven't inspected it
 closely to see.  http://geoserver.org/display/GEOS/Versioning+WFS

 I think these are good to document (since people mistake the 2 concepts)
 to let people know they are there (I'll probably add links to them from
 the history_table documentation) just so people are clear what the
 history_table module is and what it is not and so they can make the best
 decision for their specific use case.

 Admittedly I've created systems that manage transaction history and
 they've looked closer to George's implementation because I only cared
 about pointing fingers when something went wrong and possibly manually
 rolling back a change.  The other kind of things were overkill for my
 specific needs and I didn't want to muddy the front-end interface (or
 didn't have control of it).  Both the GeoServer and QGIS versioning
 systems while very useful looking for what they do - at a cursory glance
 seem to require control of the front-end.  George's works more or less
 transparently with any system (well in theory should - more testing and
 robustness handling will be needed to ensure that).

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