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Tue Feb 15 13:20:05 PST 2011

#497: [raster] Start testing displaying PostGIS raster with Mapserver
 Reporter:  robe            |       Owner:  robe         
     Type:  task            |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium          |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
Component:  postgis raster  |     Version:  trunk        
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Comment(by robe):

 I started to test this earnestly and as expected its kind of slow to put.
 Though it does eventually render.  Of course I picked the cruelest of
 tests -- trying to load aerials.

 My layer looks something like this and I was pulling via OpenLayers.

           NAME boston_aerials
           TYPE raster
           STATUS ON
           DATA "PG:host='localhost' port='5432' dbname='ma' user='ma'
 schema='aerials' table='o_2_boston' mode='2'"

 On inspecting the queries it seems to be doing some very intensive stupid
 things, but it does also do make box queries but using ~ instead of &&
 which we were planning on deprecating and irradicating.

 so basically these are the two kinds of  queries I am seeing as I zoom on
 the map.

 SELECT rid, rast FROM aerials.o_2_boston WHERE rast ~

 select (foo.md).*, foo.rid from (select rid, st_metadata(rast) as md
 from aerials.o_2_boston) as foo


 why does it need to pull all the meta data for the whole table?  I'll do
 some more logging to make sure its not just that the query is being cut
 off and I'm not seeing the whole thing.

 I'm using a couple of days old GDAL trunk with mapserver I believe.

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