[postgis-devel] Turning GSERIALIZED on

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FWIW I have all the windows builds I've deployed as experimental in the
archive folder of  each experimental folder dated and with the revision
number.  Part of that was so it would be easy to do regression and speed
>From prior versions.

I just released another experimental for 8.4, 9.0, 9.1 beta 1  early this

So my plan is once Paul has GSERIALIZED in place, I'll setup parallel
installs - first doing torture diffs (it has some benchmark times now too --
though I may have broken some things with the new documentation structure)  
And diff between old and new as well -- which I'll affectionately call DNA
testing since it will give me a fingerprint of each version.

And  trap any egregious time changes.

So this I will do 
-- one with the last version I built and one with his new.

Presumably any speed , functionality differences should also show under


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On 10/06/11 18:19, Paul Ramsey wrote:

> I'd like to turn on the flag on the weekend and start cleaning up bugs 
> next week. FYI, this will probably harm topology and raster more than 
> anyone else. What will happen is I'll turn on the flag and alter the
> 4-5 regression tests (things like memsize and a couple minor 
> representation changes) that don't pass with the flag. Then I'll kill 
> big bugs during the week and work through tickets. In succeeding weeks 
> once things are calmed down I will change things that are currently 
> #defined (the BOX2FLOAT4 ->  GBOX transition) into the "real thing" 
> and remove some code we don't need anymore (old WKT parser).
> P.

I've no objection to this, however I would be interested in getting some
benchmark information just before and just after the switch to see whether
it has any significant negative performance impact.



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