[postgis-users] && operator memory leak

Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 03:13:59 PST 2004

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> Is anyone actively working on the memory leak in the gist && 
> operator. Or can anyone give me a heads up start point?
> I have had enough of partitioning queries to work around an out ouf  
> memory condition and willing to delve into this issue.
> the issue manifests most simply with a gist index on the_geom 
> for both  
> tables and
> select 1 from mytab
>    where
>      exists ( select 1
>                 from othertab
>                   where othertab.the_geom && mytab.the_geom
>             );
> with
>    mytab ~ 100 thousand tuples
> and
>    othertab ~ 1 million tuples
> much more than 3Gb of real memory is required during the query.
> my datasets have much more than 1 million tuples.
> C.

Hi Carl,

Please can you give us some more information? In particular we would
need the versions of PostgreSQL, PostGIS that you are using, plus the
EXPLAIN ANALYZE output of both:

select 1 from othertab where othertab.the_geom && mytab.the_geom


select 1 from mytab where exists 
	(select 1 from othertab where othertab.the_geom &&

(NOTE: If the memory leak prevents an EXPLAIN ANALYZE from running the
second query then just an EXPLAIN will hopefully get things moving in
the right direction)




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