[postgis-users] Who is Using PostGIS?

Randy Goss rsgoss at comcast.net
Mon Mar 8 18:45:35 PST 2004

Paul Ramsey wrote:

> Hi All,

> It is that time of year again (conference time) so I am going to ask 
> my annual question(s):
>    Who are you?

Randy Goss, Kimley-Horn and Associates (engineering firm)

>    What are you using PostGIS for?

Primarily for an internal website using PHP, Mapserver, and PostgreSQL 
which has a GIS module for managing traffic counts.  PostGIS is used to 
maintain the roadway geometry for the state of Florida (Tiger roads), 
the point location for traffic counts, and several other spatial data 
sets.  I also use it for general geodatabase storage and for ad-hoc 
analysis.  Often I prefer the flexibility of working directly with SQL 
as opposed to working with db tables though an interface like ArcGIS.

>    Why did you choose PostGIS?

Support for Mapserver, standards compliance, extensibility, open source.

>    What makes you happy about your PostGIS installation?

Good performance, GEOS, and PL/R make for a very powerful geodatabase 
and geostatistical server.

>    What makes you unhappy about your PostGIS installation?

Lack of decent integration with ArcGIS.  And, while I'm at it, it would 
be nice to have linear referencing capability.

> Those who want to remain in confidence, but still want to make their 
> feelings known, please respond to me directly.
> Otherwise, answers to the list, so all can enjoy!
> Thanks!
> Paul

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