[postgis-users] Who is Using PostGIS?

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In order to support linear referencing, the database should be able to 
store M values for each vertex, which mean measures along a line.

ArcSDE supports, for each vertex, X, Y, Z and M values.


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Paul Ramsey <pramsey at refractions.net>
Paul Ramsey <pramsey at refractions.net>
09/03/2004 03:57
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Randy Goss wrote:

>>  What makes you unhappy about your PostGIS installation?
> Lack of decent integration with ArcGIS.  And, while I'm at it, it would 
> be nice to have linear referencing capability.

The first one I have to lay at ESRI's feet :)
But the second one is intriguing -- what database capabilities do you 
think are necessary to support linear referencing? What we are really 
missing in the linear referencing side is any kind of design direction. 
What does "linear referencing support" really mean from a database 

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