[postgis-users] Can't make postgis

Eduardo Patto Kanegae eduardo at consultoria.eti.br
Wed Mar 10 12:55:00 PST 2004

I've just download postgis-0.8.1 and follow the install instructions at 
postgis page.

$ cd /usr/share/pgsql/contrib

$ tar -zxvf /downloads/postgis-0.8.1.tar.gz

$ cd postgis-0.8.1/

$ make

but gives me:

Makefile:38: ../../src/Makefile.global: File or  directory not found
Makefile:145: /src/Makefile.shlib: File or  directory not found
make: *** No rule to process target  `/src/Makefile.shlib'.  Stop.

at 38 line of the Makefile there's a reference for a 'Makefile.global'

what file is this? is it from postgresql-devel packace.?

ps.: I'm using suse professional 9 and postgresql 7.3.4

thanks in advance.

Eduardo Patto Kanegae

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