[postgis-users] help: ogr2ogr Mapinfo Export

Jeremy Palmer jpalmer at paradise.net.nz
Thu Mar 11 02:10:04 PST 2004



I have been exporting some GPS point data (Lat and Long WGS 84) from
postgresql to mapinfo TAB format with the ogr2ogr tool. I have had no
problem exporting data straight from postgres tables, however when I use SQL
select statements for export to the mapinfo tab file it seems that the
coordinates are being treated in meters and not decimal degrees. Does anyone
know the reason for this? Here is the ogr2og command I was using.


ogr2ogr -f "MapInfo File" street_address PG:dbname=geodb -sql "select id,
shape from crs_address where id > 1201" -nln street_address



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