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Juanse georef at tie.cl
Tue Mar 23 21:29:54 PST 2004

I would like to add that, on the Java side of the world, it would be lovelly
to have JUMP. Or that one goes on each "editing" machine? Upps.


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> Paul Ramsey wrote:
> > As a system administrator, my take is that while things would work well
> > in the beginning, in the end things would get nasty with version
> > interdependencies and the requirements of different users. If I upgrade
> > the system-wide PHP installation and break it for some of the users...
> > well, they will not like me much. Similarly for systemwide installations
> > of GEOS, PostgreSQL, mapserver, etc. While some people will simply use
> > their area for happy tinkering, others will want to deploy stable
> > applications and leave them be. The tinkerers would be happy to always
> > have the latest version of everything, but the deployers would want
> > things left well enough alone.
> Tyler / Paul,
> I would tend to agree that for this to be practical versioning would be an
> issue.  I think it might be best to support multiple versions as time
> progresses with old versions not being retired untill there are no paying
> co-op members using the version any more.
> More generally, I like the idea of a co-op but I am dubious about whether
> would make sense.  Whether it would get enough supporters to justify the
> Or alternatively, if there might be some folks interested who want a
> degree professionalism than a cooperative would be able to provide.
> For instance, I think that network load, and disk space required would
> quite radically for different users and that it would be relatively hard
> determine which users are using how much (of network bandwidth at least).
> Coming up with a fee structure that reasonably reflects this would be
> challenging.  In fact, one heavy user might easily heavily load the
> or run up big extra bandwidth charges.
> Caveats aside, I think it would be very nice to have a cooperatively
> hosting system available.  From my point of view, I would like *one* of
> available software sets to closely track the current development version
> some of the key packages (PostGIS, MapServer, and GDAL/OGR for instance).
> Hopefully the system would attract some supports as a convenient place to
> prototyping.   To test out MapServer and the various component
> even if the intent would be to eventually deploy their production systems
> elsewhere once they are satisfied.  The nice thing about doing some
> on a relatively public system like this, is that alot of the starting
> getting the environment setup would be skipped.  Also, it would be easier
> outside developers to diagnose issues on a such a semi-public system.
> One question that comes to mind, is what sort of components you would want
> provide.  Ideally I would like to see:
>   o PostgreSQL/PostGIS (with GEOS, PROJ, etc).
>   o MapServer with WMS/WFS/WCS client and server, PROJ, pdf, flash, GDAL,
>   o Apache 2
>   o Python MapScript bindings, possibly Zope?
>   o Perl MapScript
>   o PHP/Mapscript
>   o the full suite of PHP MapScript based Chameleon/CWC2/MapLab
>   o GDAL/OGR with as many extras built-in as possible builtin, including
>     JPEG2000, OGDI, HDF, GML (Xerces), DODS, and Python bindings.
>   o MySQL (plus spatial extensions)
> I think it would also be ideal to provide a full Java environment.  I
> don't know this side of the world so well, but I assume that would include
> "Apache Tomcat", Java MapScript, GeoServer, Java classes for interfacing
> with PostGIS, other GeoTools2 related stuff.
> I think setting up a formal cooperative with fees might be pretty
> challenging.  It would be easier if someone - perhaps someone who already
> to setup a co-hosted server - would be willing to operate the system as a
> commercial effort even if not with the intent of earning alot of profit.
> might be an independent consultant or perhaps a user group.  A company
> DM Solutions or Refractions would also be great, but it might kind of
> their more professional support options.   For a consultant, or consulting
> company operating such a hosting platform could hopefully be a valuable
> of recognition/marketting even though the hosting solution itself isn't
> to be be too lucrative.
> If someone does decide to launch such an effort, I would be willing to put
> time and effort to help set up many of the software packages, primarily to
> promote the various technologies, but also possibly for some free hosting
> as always, for the recognition that can come from such an effort.
> Best regards,
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