AW: [postgis-users] 'Within' slows down query performance

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Instead of 

select distinct(gid),* from airport_them
where (airport_them.gid = airport.gid)
and (within(airport.the_geom,buff_123.buffer))

try to take the advantage of spatial index and the faster distance function:

select distinct(gid),* from airport_them
where airport_them.gid = airport.gid
  and airport.the_geom && buff_123.buffer
  and distance(airport.the_geom,buff_123.buffer) = 0;

For this solution it is necessary to build spatioal indexes on airport_them
and buffer_123.

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Betreff: [postgis-users] 'Within' slows down query performance

Hi all,

need once again some help to speed up my PostGIS query.

As a first step, I buffer a multipoint table (settlements) and store the 
buffer result in a temporary table (buffer_123)
As a next step, I want to select all airports within this buffer with 
this query:

select distinct(gid),* from airport_them
    (airport_them.gid = airport.gid)

is this the correct way to do such a thing? It takes about a minute to 
get the result.

Any help is very appreciated,
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