[postgis-users] Converting a shapefile to postGIS

David Mitchell david.mitchell at telogis.com
Wed Mar 31 17:34:39 PST 2004

> The following is the command that I am using:
>  shpPg –db=gis –schema=transportation –table=Streets –dbf=<Street shapefile> -initial

> I just keep getting this error:
> Street: no such directory or file exists

The key is in the error message. Note how it says the file 'Street' 
doesn't exist (not Streets). I'm betting that the command you are typing 
is precisely that that you posted, right? Having -dbf=<Street shapefile> 
is incorrect, and <Street shapefile> should be replaced with the name of 
your dbf file. "<Street" is being interpreted as a command to pipe stdin 
from the file 'Street", which is what causes the error.

David Mitchell
Software Engineer

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