[postgis-users] PostGIS 0.9 Upgrade

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri Sep 10 16:03:06 PDT 2004

For the GEOS stuff, doing 'make uninstall' in 1.0 and 'make install' in 
2.0 should work, thanks to the fancy GNU build system we have there. 
Make sure run you ldconfig afterwards to update the dynlinker.

For PostGIS, you can do 'make install' in the 0.9 postgis, but to 
upgrade your existing database, you should probably create a fresh 
database, load the new postgis.sql file, and copy your old database over 
to the new instance, using the migration script.

Note that the old postgis does not work with the new GEOS, so upgrading 
the database could be tricky. You might want to install the GEOS 2.0 
stuff in parallel with the old stuff initially while you do the transfer.

At the end of the day, do not be afraid to copy files around your 
/usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include directories to ensure you have the 
geos stuff around that you need.

You can do a cheap and cheezy upgrade if you don't mind some random 
nastiness by updating pg_proc to point all references to the old 
libpostgis to your new libpostgis.

Sorry, this is too much info for a newbie and in bad order, which is 
probably indicative of the fact that we have not thought carefully 
enough about migration...

The "official" way,

1 - dump your databases (pg_dump -Fc yourdatabasename > yourdumpfile)
2 - install the new software, remove the old software
3 - load your dump files, passing them through the
     postgis_restore.pl script on the way
     postgis_restore.pl \
        /your/path/to/postgis.sql \
        your_new_databasename \
4 - ...
5 - profit!

James McEachern wrote:

> Hi All,
> Really newbie question...  from a Microsoftie developer
> I have PostgreSQL 7.43/Geos 1.0/PostGIS 0.82 running on FreeBSD 4.10
> All running perfect.
> So to upgrade Geos/PostGIS, do I do a 
> make uninstall
> make clean
> in the old geos 1.0/PostGIS 0.82 install directory first, 
> before doing the 
> make 
> make install
> in the geos 2.0/PostGIS 0.90 directory?
> I assume the two PostGIS .sql scripts would need to be 
> run to update the internal table specs and pl functions.
> I have never found a clear/clean answer to this type of 
> proceedure on BSD. I am used to the Windows type of upgrades
> and hotfixes.
> Thanks in advance.
> jamesm
> James S McEachern
> Three Tier Technologies Corporation
> Calgary, Alberta
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