[postgis-users] bugs in postgis-1.0RC2 with postgres 7.2.1

Markus Schaber schabios at logi-track.com
Mon Feb 7 01:19:56 PST 2005

Hi, Alex,

alex bodnaru schrieb:

> 3. the java compiler available free with woody will not compile the
> jdbc2. maybe language should be more conservative, as in jdbc.

As I seem to have slipped into the position of the jdbc2 maintainer,
could you give me the exact error message? (It could be a language or
library feature problem).

Which pgjdbc version did you compile against?

Which of the DFSG-free compilers did you try? AFAIK, there are jikes,
eclipse-javac, gcj and kjc.

Maybe we should discuss this on postgis-devel?


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