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I sent this in response to the wrong post.

The select statement below is close to what I'm looking for.  I don't
know if I'm imagining this, but I thought it was possible to define a
box and extract just what is inside that box, clipping all that lies
outside, including polygons.  Is this possible using a different sql

SELECT AsSVG(the_geom,0,8) as the_geom FROM usa WHERE the_geom &&
GeomFromText('BOX3D(-2243528 2679134,-1689106 2002338)'::box3d,42102);

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Is there a way to extract data based on viewable area coordinates.  For
instance, can I extract roads that are only within my viewer area, or
part of a polygon, but not the whole thing?  I've tinkered with
intersection, but have failed to accomplish anything.  Thanks.

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