[postgis-users] PostGIS vs. JTS

Baris YILMAZ baris_999 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 5 05:28:15 PDT 2006

I'm doing my thesis about a GIS. I use, PostGIS as my Database Extension. It works great.
But as far as I want to make some queries with the Spatial Data in the Database, it seems to me, that
using postgis for these queries, takes longer. Each time, a new connection has to be made to the Database. Therefore, I decided to use Java Topology Suite for the queries. It seemed to be very faster for doing spatial queries. (The queries I execute, are rather simple, like find the distance between two points, or, check wheter two geometries intersect )
Can you confirm me, that, using JTS for spatial queries goes faster than using PostGIS? Can you please share your experience about this matter?
Thank you
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