[postgis-users] viewing a large postgis table with several columns

Nicolas Ribot nicky666 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 03:32:12 PST 2006

> i have a big postgis table with several columns and whenever i try to display the content of that table using a select statement in postgresql(psql) i get several blank pages, followed by several pages with only dashes as content, then the geometry. it will take several pressings of the space bar before i get to the geometry part even if i limit the number of columns and rows to display in the select statement. also there are but a few rows with blank values and no record with a value of "-" so i don't know if i'm getting garbage result.

I think it is just the way pgsql displays tables content.
Columns are separated using "-". If their content is too long, you
will sign many "-" signs in your console.
You can use some programs like PgAdmin or PhpPgAdmin to see your
database content in y more user-friendly way.


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