[postgis-users] re: shp2sql and UTF8 question on Windows

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Wed Jan 25 01:01:53 PST 2006

Hi, Randy,

Randy George wrote:

> I have a database created with ENCODING = 'UTF8'
> psql:test.sql:15: ERROR:  invalid UTF-8 byte sequence detected near byte
> 0xa1
> CONTEXT:  COPY county, line 1, column NAME: "Manatí"

We had a similar problem and solved it without the -W switch:

(echo 'set client_encoding TO LATIN9;' ; shp2psql blah blubb) | psql foo bar

Thus we shifted the encoding to the backend. This works with all
encodings that are ASCII-compatible and so retain the SQL commands.
(thus all ISO Latin encondings as well as UTF-8, but not UTF-16 or EBCDIC).

I don't know whether the pipe magic works under windows without cygwin,
but you may use the following trick: First, dump the SQL into a
temporary file:

shp2psql blah blubb > path\to\tempfile.sql

and then run psql to set the encoding and insert the dump:

geodb=# set client_encoding TO LATIN9;
geodb=# \i path\to\tempfile.sql

Maybe we should add an "send client_encoding" command switch (that is
mutually exclusive with -W) to shp2pgsql. I'll have a look into this.


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