[postgis-users] ERROR: new row for relation "x"violates checkconstraint "enforce_geotype_the_geom"

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Thu Aug 9 10:59:59 PDT 2007

What does
select distinct(geometrytype(multi(geomunion(t1.the_geom, t2.the_geom))))
  from gf_veg1 t1, gf_veg2 t2
return you.  Are you sure both your fields are POLYGONS or MULTIPOLYGONS?


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Hi Regina,
if i integrate your statement like this:

drop table intersect_gf3;
create table intersect_gf3(gid integer) with oids;
insert into intersect_gf3
    select t1.gid,multi(intersection(t1.the_geom, t2.the_geom))
    from gf_clc t1, gf_veg1 t2
    where t1.the_geom && t2.the_geom;

i although get the error:
ERROR: new row for relation "intersect_gf3" violates check constraint
SQL Status:23514

hasta luego      Andreas

Obe, Regina schrieb:
> In addition to what Frank mentioned.  Often times Geomunion applied to polygons or multipolygons may return a Polygon rather than a MultiPolygon.
> To force it into a multipolygon type, wrap a multi call around it.  Something like
> select t1.gid,multi(geomunion(t1.the_geom, t2.the_geom))
>     from gf_veg1 t1, gf_veg2 t2;
> -----------------------------------
> Also why are you doing a cartesian join?
> Hope that helps,
> Regina
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> Hi again,
> * Andreas Laggner <bloediandi at web.de> [070809 11:21]:
>> i have to delete this constraint in EVERY table i want to write to! I
>> think that is not normal?!
> Partly - yes:
> - AddGeometryColumn creates a contraint according to the geometry type
>   specified to be compliant with OGC.
> - As a consequence you should first check the potential outcome of your
>   geomunion operation before creating the geomcolumn, you might run
>   something like:
>   select distinct(geometrytype(geomunion(t1.the_geom, t2.the_geom)))
>     from gf_veg1 t1, gf_veg2 t2
>     where t1.the_geom && t2.the_geom;
> Regards,
>         Frank

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