[postgis-users] ST_GeomUnion, ST_Union

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Wed Aug 22 06:04:25 PDT 2007

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the explanation.  Actually now I see I was wrong that there
actually isn't an ST_GeomUnion function as I had thought, so things are
consistently named.

But that means the documentation is wrong


Since it says there is an ST_GeomUnion function when there isn't.


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On Wed, 2007-08-22 at 08:19 -0400, Obe, Regina wrote:
> I notice that in the 1.3.1 that the aggregate function is called
> ST_Union instead of ST_GeomUnion  and that the regular function is
> called
> ST_GeomUnion(geom, geom) 
> Since the old aggregate was call GeomUnion I had assumed the new would
> just have an ST_ prepended to it.
> I assume this is intended because of some OGC requirement.  I'm just
> wondering why they aren't named consistently the same like 
> ST_collect aggregate and regular functions.
> Thanks,
> Regina

Hi Regina,

The reason GeomUnion() exists instead of being just Union() is that
UNION is a PostgreSQL reserved word and so can't be used as a function
name :(



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